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Excellent Plumbing Services is at the heart of everything we do

Looking for a plumbing services provider in Bangalore?

We offer a professional and prompt service for all our clients and also provide 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service especially for Residents of Bangalore.

Suburb estates is now first choice for all your plumbing services Bangalore. Our clients include from the top notch companies to the smallest of neighbourhoods. We specialize in all residential & office maintenance works.

Our plumbing repair Services is fast, reliable and highly efficient. Don’t wait for your shower, toilet and other pipes to spring a leak. Our plumbing maintenance packages will take care of issues.

We provide all types of piping services - installation, operation, maintenance and service assignments to builders, contractors, government agencies, industry, local businesses and housing companies.

Plumbing systems and fixtures are an important part of your new home’s structure. Careful planning before the project begins will prevent needless expense later on, especially when it comes time to remodel or add features.
Suburb Infra always provide quality installation and upgrades of sinks, toilets, laundry tubs, laundry hook ups, bath tubs, whirlpool tubs, showers, all kinds of faucets, garbage disposals and more.
If you have a sink and a faucet to replace or an entire kitchen, your first call should be to Suburb Infra.
Suburb Infra always provides you with a well trained professional who will personally address your need and quote you a fair price. We are happy to provide a free estimate of our very reasonable rates.
Yes. In fact, the difference can be damaging to your home and your body. Maybe you have experienced damaged clothing from the laundry, excessive soap consumption, pipe scaling, faucet and fixture deterioration, skin problems, or undesirable tastes or odors from your water. If you have, then you have a water problem.